Screaming Silence

Screaming silence, urge to twitch, urge to break.
Still; thinking violence, mind switch, urge to take:
Revenge, bitterness, anger, invades every part of me.
Everyone tryin to help me cant see it takes more than therapy to be free.

I am filled with hate, i am filled with sorrow and regret.
I am filled with memories Ill never change nor forget.
Everyday I wake and feel guilty for something
I cant shake the feeling everyone is judging.

Im annoyed, becoming paranoid, hating myself.
Mastering procrastination; I’m slowly killing myself.
Im sick and tired of the same mundane cycle.
I miss people who tested me, making me me feel likable.

Now its all fucking shit, this awkward stage has me in fits.
Im hurtin here, im facing my fears, crying alone, who gets it?
Ive shed to many tears, remembering bad years, I wish i could forget.
Im stressed out, waiting for something breaking; life will relent!

Im mustering my positivity, Im ready to hold steady‘
I have to be strong to face the pull of negativity;
The pull of emotional gravity bringing me down
Im feigning friendships, forcing smiles from frowns,

Ill turn another corner,
Just a little further,
Change is coming,
Soon, Ill satisfy my yearning.


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