Octobers Breeze

Slender figure, freckles on her face, she was made to seduce;
she took my body, then my mind; A mistress of distress
freezing me with her stare, snakes in her hair! Medusa!
Beckoning sweetly, lips kissed, pretending princess.

Im hard, cold stone, Ill never move again.
I taste bitter, creak and crack with fright.
Im still alive; still live beneath all this sin.
Still alive and wide awake in the middle of the night.

Her face is a nightmare; my nightmare.
Repeating and repeating; a constant driving insanity.
Punished for love ‘ love returned unfair
Lush; kissed her lips and loved her vanity.

She smiles and cackles, stalks another victim.
Slithering seductively, ready to spread disease.
Hollowing souls; turned to stone from within:
Im a mere whisper… carried by Octobers breeze.

Ron bergquist
October 2014


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