After Taste

The last words I said to you I meant.
They will last till my thoughts of hatred relent.
It was a test, you failed miserably, you got to me.
I tried my best; you failed, you cant see;

How many chances have I given you!?
And you did that to me? You sold what was true.
I hope he was worth it, dating a totall reject,
Spreading rumors and herpes, you infect.

Tasteless actions, dissing the real people you miss.
I hope when you remember me, your pain is bliss,
Reminding you of my kiss; how I changed how you lived.
I hope you feel pain, remembering all I had to give.

You sold yourself short, picking morons for friends,
Dating 37 year old boyfriends; does your sickness end?
Liar, cheat, player – slut – do you still take it in the butt?
I cant stomach you, you fake – im sick to my gut.


You once said no ones on your level like I am.
Try to find another who gives a damn.
I know you’ll only find false glimpses of hope;
As you fuck another loser – struggling to cope.

Ron bergquist
October 9th 2014


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