That night

The fog came as i walked through a forest in the evening…

The moon illumated the fog, as the sun faded on the horizon.

My steps, taken slow and catious, this is the land of evil beings.

My eyes adjust and i can see the mourned, dead and freezing.

Death leaves no beautiful corpses,

Death taints the living,

My nightmares ride headless horses,

My broken bones are laughing.

I walk a moonlit, fogged, forrest, ridden with corpses,

From a beam swings my roomate, as he whispers, “are you happy”

I am in a hellish nightmare, i thought time would fade these images.

Just when i think im fine i see something that makes me wonder “how can this be!”

I walk past a river, floating by is my brother,

Head smashed in, hes lifless and stiff.

Still he turns to face me, smiles; says “remember, youre like no other”

I fall at waters edge and scream in pain “isnt life more than this!!!!”

All the voices, rising, murmuring something i cant hear,

Im cold and frightened, sweating, wondering;

How long must one walk through hell to conqure fear?

All the voices, rise, louder and louder! I know what they’re saying…

Weak, i walk further, into a sickening nightmare.

Fog slowly revealng my next fright.

David, swinging from a tree, frowning at me, with a blank stare,

His eyes roll back, as he gasps “you should have been here that night”

They all say the same….

I should have been there…

The voices i cant tame…

This is. … my nightmare.

Ron Bergquist

October 2014


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