Halloweens, past.

Halloween treats and memories, we walked the streets,
Dressed up as our fantasies and nightmares;
Well face our fears and pretend were not scared; trick or treat.
Oh, if only I was a kid again, I could pretend im not scared.

Ghosts exist in my mind all the time,
Its, always Halloween for me,
I am stirred by images, I was force to find;
Flickers of death, I wish not to see.

What was can not ever be, my brother, friend, room mate.
Fate severed us, shinigami nibbled you all to death.
Life is frightening, pondering, what is and what is not fate.
Its hard to see whats left; imagining their last breaths….

Oh but if we were kids again…
When fear existed only in our imagination.

Ron bergquist


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