Only you

and then there were machines that thought for us.

procrastination was written then – our future technology

made us lonely and sad – wondering why others

dont like my poetry, my face book, my tumblr,

my word press – i undress and in reality

my bare naked frailty has girls clamoring at me.

but not for my mind; i unwind

dying to know you personally

as someone tangible not just reading my lines.

oh – female poet, female fan – i wish as you hit like –

it would be like a date – one held hand in hand.

were id hold and kiss you,  –

instead of you deciphering my words,

trying to understand…

that i want you…

only  you….


Fuck Me

Little june bug,colored greens to red.

so soft – I touched you and you squished.

sweet sensuality, your pussy fed;

on my lust the more you moaned, the harder i pushed.

Fresh strawberries,  red and ripe,

as the blood of your first drunken rape.

Give the cat the pipe,

hand feed me some grapes.

Grind me like you used to,

like you do in my dreams

fuck me like theres nothing else to do;

fuck me till we sow up our broken seams.

Day after day

Day after day

she walked by me again,

my  ex girl friend,

its been sixth months

since I told her off – said never again.

now i see her and cant stop thinking,

i miss her.

i loved her.

i craved her.

maybe still do.

its driving me crazy.

what do i do?

I loved and hated her;

still i dream of her.

nightmares i wish to become reality.

it scares me.

what can this mean?

….  you are right there…

but so far away,

as  i watch you walk by

day after day.