Truth and Time

It doesn’t end this way – four years on.

Our love – a dark fairy tale, fades on tear soaked paper.

what of the memories that replay involuntarily?

Friendship falters as we try to make our lives safer.

from each other.

Hope held in hand. heart on my sleeve,

mere text is not enough to un-vex perspective.

Thoughts turned to will – acted to early.

Time shall go on and we shall attempt to live,

without each other.

Longing, now has replaced the bitter anger I held.

Desire, truth and logic push me forward.

Now may not be the time; test my patients.

Test my resolve; I’m a knight, not a coward.

You are like no other.

Tinges of regret sting my soul.

Moment of weakness, I gave into the memories.

rejection dances lightly on my heart,

what  was I expecting; You to fall to your knees?

shall we forget each other?

I’ll fortify my walls, a stronghold shall be erected.

Here I will guard my heart and mind and the memories too.

Enjoying the lighter moments of the years gone by;

giving hope, that you’ll forgive me – as I have forgiven you;

We could help each other.


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