Here we go again

Here we go again, same friends saying I can’t talk to you because of my boyfriend.
He doesn’t like it, it just gets me in shit – well our friendship you can forget.
I don’t need such shallow sighted ignorance, I’m tired of these ants.
The insect boyfriends that crawl with jealousy and control, paying the toll-
they are trolls to their own demise, so unwise – open your eyes and realize
the signs of a bad lover – the kinda that takes and smothers the other –
cause he didn’t have a proper mother. It’s sad to see you date another loser.
One step at a time, one day after the next, it’ll all start to rhyme, so lets
look for the cues and tells the little fights than turn to yells –
heaven becomes hell – and Ill smile while – his head swells and implodes –
leaving you once again – no arms to hold – no where to go,
if only you had a friend like me – in the end, you will see, the value of me.
I deserve to be first, not second or last, always cast aside in convenience,
for a better lovers experience – from experience I’ve found these guys to be quite dense.
It makes no sense, hence oh such ignorance, learn from bad experiences,
history repeats and when you go insane thinking all your efforts been in vain
cause once again you were left in pain – and a good friend has bolted down the door
that you slammed in his face. Here, take all the space you need,
I’ll be laughing when it doesn’t succeed, you’ll be missing me.

When are good girls going to realize a good guy wont ask you to make your world smaller.
He will only wish to enhance it with new experiences and friends.
He will not ask you to not speak to certain people or put you on a leash.
That is control that is derived from jealousy and is often an early sign of an unstable heart.


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