It’s Not What It Seems

I cant think – the music doesn’t sound the way it used to –
or maybe it does – maybe its too familiar and no longer satisfying.
What atrocious things have I done today, I think this wont do…
the joy, laughter, hate – music – is very dissatisfying.

I tell you as we stagnate – reality lies
and I hate irony, of you singing promises
but I reply it; thinking of you – every time I die
remembering how you sang it between your kisses.

You had me so high and I never felt anything like that before
Im sure there was a reason why we crossed paths,
Life shuts windows as we look for answers, but also opens doors,
I was me and you were you – but that was then – nothing lasts.

The fondness of long drunken nights playing the same old songs
is of the past. Today I yearn for the companionship of a lover,
a lover like the one that you were – minus everything you did wrong,
not to cover the truth, but you were awful – yet like no other.

… the music doesn’t satisfy the way it use to …
…nothing lasts forever… memories fade…
But real love – that is true…
will always live to fight …. another day.


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