Minds Wide Open

Welcome to my dark mind:
To what you weren’t meant to find.
Now that you’re here,
I simply ask you.
Can you see all my lies?
If so,
Can you tear out my eyes?

A child is crying in your head.
Before you know it, you’ll be dead.
Wicked men dancing in your view.
All your nightmares have come true.

Awake now!
And shaking violently,
Still demons I see!
The evil is a little show,
It turns me bad,
So on my wicked way I go.

The light hits your eyes with a wild blur.
Your head is spinning,
your vision stirs.
You fight the pictures in your mind.
The unsightly pictures of your find.

The lustful images take control.
It turns me into an empty hole.
Life like a whore,
becomes over done.
It seems my story has already been spun.

Around in circles you will find,
Everything that chills your spine.
Worshipers, divinities, drugs and disease,
Everything that takes away life’s ease.

Living, rather slowly, dying in paradise.
I’m unlucky, I broke the dice.
I’m helpless and will have hell to pay.
It’s not safe to assume it’s just a bad day.

Terror filled present because of the future,
No matter the out come, you’ll be a disputer.
No rest. Not ever. Not for your sick mind!
In conclusion you will find
reels of unisghtly images in your mind.
Written By: Ron Bergquist & Kevin Dunn


6 thoughts on “Minds Wide Open

      1. RATHER dark! wull … i guess so … hey … we can’t possibly know what light is unless we know darkness … contrast is the great knowledge giver … your poem gave me that contrast … if you don’t know what ugly is, you can’t possibly know what beauty is …. and so forth … up down, negative positive and so forth … so … your dark poem showed me very clearly what ISN’T the light … your poem exemplified it … i’m not being critical in any way … what you write is a genre, i guess .,.. right? ks

      2. i’m not sure this validates the act of spreading darkness around … because i don’t think most people would look at it this way … so this is a complex subject area .. some of my favorite characters are ”anti heroes” .. like Riddick in ‘pitch black’ .. i can’t get too hung up on this … it’d make for an interesting discussion … one question though … why have you chosen this particular subject area to write within …

        there was a painting that people were astounded by … a picture showing the devil and jesus somehow in league with each other … but think about it .,… without the devil there would be no awareness of jesus … but of course without the devil (i’m not saying the devil exists … ) there would have been no ”need” for jesus … like i said … it’s complex subject … and i tend to be an over analytic person .. can’t delve too much though … ks

      3. My blog subtitle is from the dark to the light – so I write what is real – I simply right what I feel. It’s not a choice really, more so just the flow of my mind and where its at – at it flows from dark to light and back again. I write what I Write well, as we all should. I always like to think that there is only ever so much darkness, but then the light comes and it is beautiful in its radical contrast. I like writing like that. That said – my darker pieces get far more likes, as so many people can relate to that more so than something light. Thanks for the input!

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