The Fox

I can’t hear you. I’m sorry. What did you say?

No don’t repeat yourself. I’m kidding.

I made you look like a fool; a game I play

On Wise asses dudes with sun glasses bragging about assists that don’t have the personality facets to see me mugging their minds cause their too blind to the joke on which they laughed at; I then choked. That bloke just dissed himself off my words; excuse me I just pissed myself.

You said yeah I hate people like that!

You’re so thick you missed the hint I was speaking about you; it’s fact; it’s true; your as shallow as shit – another self indulgint twit.

You idiot. Think for yourself.

Look outside the box.

or else you’re the mouse

And I’m the fox.



Lets try this again.
Read it quick; idiot.
Quip for quip.
I wasn’t satisfied because you were not. I shall not quit dear reader; say its for my ego,
Here we go.

Is it better to have reason?
Or rhyme? Thoughtfullness?
Or grime. Calloused words or
Dreams that sound like song birds.

Pssh beats me. I lose myself in my poems. Tis the feat of an intelligent peon; an old soul of eons; i pee on….

Nonsense… what nonsense.
But i had to try again.
Between me and you,
I’m sure we can share a grin.

What then?

Ever feel like you forgot who you were? What your purpose was? Why are you here? Not that I ever was near what I wanted but I’m haunted; like i simply
Fell into a self decieved fantasy
And said shit; fuck it; I give up.
I’m humble and everyones so stuck up.

I remember i was something,
I at least tried; that’s the difference. Then i wanted to make a difference; it was in my heart; it was my spark that ignighted fires in the hearts of friends and strangers….

Ten years later; im a little ember
Trying to remember when it was easier to love and be loved for being real: my power comes in my words expressing how i feel.
But only when I can be humble; i have no words for the pridefull giving me earfuls of their eye fulls of self.

I’m a book on a shelf. Quiet untill you open me up then I errupt with millions of words only heard if you’re silent enough to listen.
When I speak I glisten with an aura. Like I was wearing a suit and a fedora.

I got your attention;
leave you in supsence;
Like what then?

Real fairy tales

She sleeps so soundly beside me; can she hear me, whisper her name, can she hear me whisper
I Love you.

It doesnt count if you’ve made her mad before she closed her eyes. Shell remember every word of yours she despises. Then you realize its too late.

Hold our hands together
A simple prayer
Please forgive me love….
I don’t want to argue but i can’t stay silent either.
My nights have been missing your tight nethers..

You sleep right there
But to touch you is unbearable
Ill caress you to show you i care,
Hoping tomorrow is not a fable.


There is a distinctive vaugeness to her opaque lies; a sad smile, soft blue eyes hide intentions;
She keeps the suspence goin,
As I’m wondering where her two feet and heart beat have taken her.

Shes a little queen
Her rules unfair
But she’s my queen.

A little dust devil, swirling my world around; its too sweet when she’s here; so bitter when she’s not near. Babe come home, rest my fears.

A few hours.
Morning will come.
Will i wake
With you beside me…

Brain Bobber

Here i am. Please sit and eat;
My brain. Eat, eat, eat, my feet,
Torso and face. Eat me till you
No longer feel out of place.

I hope you’ve kept some space for dessert, for I’m the turtle
To hurdle this desert.
Eat me, feel what i am,
Im more than a warm a meal.

I’m more than a worm on your hook. I’m bigger than the fish in the brook. I’m a poem as long as.a book; yet I’m nothing.
I’m just a mad man making
Anologies of life and fishing.

*bob. Blip. Bob.
I got a bite.

Where did the time go

Get up, go to work, do this and that. Clean the flat. Take a toke,drink a beer, wait for the girlfriend to get here…

Look at the time, where did it go? I blinked and its time to get ready for tomorrow. Latly there’s no room for sorrow. Only the desire to grow –

In me; set i set my will to burn bright; the sun rises the day passes; we bask in moonlight,
Ill adore you tonight.

How long have you and i had to fight for a night to simply hold
Someone you were falling for…
And now that the moment is here i fear i can’t slow down these moments.

Tick tock. Try not to give a fuck.
We lucked out and earned this.
This bliss, even if it passes fast,
Our kiss, will last in memory,
You’re more than a friend to me.

Tick tock…
Lets do this again tomorrow.