Wake with a headache,
Wake with heart ache.
Blurred vision, she gave me a taste of what I was missin’
And I’m not ready to give it up.
I’m feeling so messed up.

A little piece of my heart,
the last of the light
She has it in her fist
She blows it away with a kiss

Invigorated, a chance, at love –
Turned to ash, burned everything
I’m scorched, embers turned to cinders
Cleansing rapid fire, my hate is ablaze.

Reaction to the action of affection
Subjection; over react to attack me
Say it, say it again, say it, say it again!
Stranger, friend, lover, stranger again.

Ahhhh! now there will be hell to pay,
for every sweet word you didn’t say
For the fact that you didn’t stay.

You awakened my love,
awakened my hate,
you awakened my madness,
My sadness, you awakened me,
awakened me, awakened me

Ron Bergquist
March 6th 2015


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