Mind “Wrap”

I don’t know much but I try to stay in touch with people
And my heart – I write and it sparks light in the dark
Of hearts of people who are like me and can see
Reality for all our self deceived fallacies…

Hah hah – where’s my check; I need money.
Cause with a flick of my wrist I can pen this shit
Real life grit – true strife and struggles legit –
I’m a writer who pens poems like this in mere minutes.

I just grab a pencil and look at the paper
My mind instantly dispelling the reality I’m living,
Feeling everything building hatred in me, so I free
It – with the shit I say on paper, so I don’t snap;
I’m tired of this crap rap music today; it’s easy

I could easily say something like for fuck sake,
I’m tired of immature fuck heads who listen to guys like drake,
You’re all fake – just as he is – blah blabity blahing his head –
Listening to his music is like eating bull shit – wilfully fed –

At least I said what I meant; to get in your head;
I’ll bust lyrics of dread – its therapy, to make me happy
So I don’t take this rage out on you- it’s true
These words are a cage I’ve created for my hostility,
So I can metaphorically beat you and remain free.
Like committing a crime with a simple word rhyme

I’ll wrap and warp your mind – as I rap to make you give your two cents –
You’re dense – here’s ten cents – I write nonsense,
To try to make sense of a world that has me in a whirl
Cause I see shit with my wit which allows me to spit
Lyrics like I was Eminem, if I had confidence I could be like him,
Who’s to say, what is reality?
Imagine yourself if you conquered all your insecurities

Ron Bergquist
March 8th 2015


2 thoughts on “Mind “Wrap”

  1. i rated you four stars for your honesty .,..

    refreshing, not afraid to tell your own truth but not … in my opinion … with rancor, giving those you think are phony a good excuse to push back … i’ve always thought that while truth is of supreme value … it’s how the truth is spoken that’s just as important … wull … for what it’s worth that’s my two cents worth, do you have change … ? hey … and thanks for stopping by .. ks

    1. *passes some change* thanks for the comment, it made me chuckle, it’s refreshing to have a solid opinion on my writing 🙂

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