This Sinful Skin

What is this skin I’m in? Why do I have these demons;
What is sin – friends and family – kith and kin?
What does it mean to love – to hate – to push and shove,
Debate our traits and only see weaknesses, not what blesses us.

Narrow minded views,
We look at ourselves in mirrors, vision self reflection untrue
Its due time someone told you; you’re beautiful;
Thoughtful: and despite your flights, you make me whole.

Even if you say you’re corrupt – a puppet of the devil’
Under his spell; I tell you I get it, shit – it’s so true;
You and I are possessed by demons, inside were all screaming
“Silence of the lambs”; our inner thoughts eat us alive.
So we eat others to feel something and survive.

You fill the holes in me, we met for a reason, it could be density
Maybe we’re not meant to be together forever and be lovers;
Still, I won’t interrupt the flame that is our friendship
So let’s smother ourselves in each other’s faces

Our savoir tastes meshed through our personal prisons;
You and I, the world shall not neglect.
Yes, if we get sick; we’ll baste in realism
I will eat you; I want to feel what makes you tick.

Ron Bergquist
March 11th


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