‘Tis thy answer: Brother

Dear brother, this ones for you
An insight to my little view.

You asked “why are you so crazy”
What if I said im really not –
Just reverse everything you ever thought.
You are caught in web of tolerable dread
Fed to you by pupils you think are cool,
We all do.

Im not crazy; im simply well spoken
And emotional, devotion to the notion of realism
Where i set aside cowardice and sacrifice my pride
To set aside the differences of hearts
Because im lonely and have lived too long alone in the dark.

Im not crazy bro; i write what I fight
And find flight and delight in spite of my troubles,
It bubbles to the surface in these words,
Like curds in cream – im thick and delicious,
Real –
And even though people do not often admit it –
They love it.
They feel my shit.

I’m not crazy bro.

I’m smart.
I’m a dart to the heart and I can thwart
Dwarfs with axes or witches with hexes
Or millions of people on a nexus against me
Cause i have the simplicity to see
The complexity of what it means to take my face off
And scoff at those who get off on us who laugh;

I’m tired of everything, The worlds on repeat;
I know you don’t hear it, and so, dear brother;
I admire you – you do what you do, just as I do –
As villains do, I’ll instill in you –
Crazy is in the eye of the beholder.

March 11th 2015


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