What then?

Ever feel like you forgot who you were? What your purpose was? Why are you here? Not that I ever was near what I wanted but I’m haunted; like i simply
Fell into a self decieved fantasy
And said shit; fuck it; I give up.
I’m humble and everyones so stuck up.

I remember i was something,
I at least tried; that’s the difference. Then i wanted to make a difference; it was in my heart; it was my spark that ignighted fires in the hearts of friends and strangers….

Ten years later; im a little ember
Trying to remember when it was easier to love and be loved for being real: my power comes in my words expressing how i feel.
But only when I can be humble; i have no words for the pridefull giving me earfuls of their eye fulls of self.

I’m a book on a shelf. Quiet untill you open me up then I errupt with millions of words only heard if you’re silent enough to listen.
When I speak I glisten with an aura. Like I was wearing a suit and a fedora.

I got your attention;
leave you in supsence;
Like what then?


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