Got the time?

Ever feel like you created your own nightmare
The demon that glares at me is my reflection,
A projection of myself lays strewn about the hewn
Messes of madness that portrays my sadness;
This is my habbitat; I must distract my mind
I must fight time; its all moving to fast; the sweet
Moments dont last – were a blast! – of crack
our high is powerfully erophic but dulled quickly,
With distracions. Of the mind and what time,
Is and is not – time to wake and do and sleep
And do again.
Between me and you friend, we’ve grown no closer
Ive gained no closure, I shoudnt be behaving this way..,
Oh I say, little white wall please keep my secretes:
Oh silly writer you spill your soul; everyone sees it:
Except those closest to you.
Gosh darn little writer’ what do you do?
Ready to explode I unload it all here
Without fear; I pass this along to you; a song of my view
Its skewed so please gossip and pass it along,
Tell my father and brothers this writer is disturbed.
This writer is more than peterbed.
Im hurting inside and ill say it till Im heard,
Till the day im fucking cured!
I yearn so bad for inspiration and exhilaration
But the moral vibration is so low people got me acting slow
Cause aint a single person worth my ignition to set fire
To their desire after mine has expired from trying so hard,
Trying to go so far to be so real; I wish to make people feel
Healed in their brokeness for but a moment cause I dont relent
With time spent to pen my own frustration and strife’
Cause somedays days its better to use a pen instead of a knife!
Sometimes I slip and fall again,
I get picked up by family and friends and godamn I hate it.
But need it and love it, and so I do it. I do it with this
Verbal piss I spew about me, I dribble on you.
Thanks for drying the morning dew; afternoon too night
Is when I come through. Till then we sleep, wake and do,
Sleep again – if it wasnt for my poems id feel as if I never talked to you,
Times moving to fast, the words we say dont last,
So I write them, and rhyme as I fight strife and time.


Poetic Revenge

I cant think. Everythings moving to fast.
Its been weeks since I entertained my writing geeks.
Its time to freak with a new leak;
Im at a new peak. I got a girl making my knees weak,
I speak positivly to defy my  enemies who tear at me.

Im  a fucking ass hole cause I’m the one dude
Who speaks so true people loose sleep over the shit I spit,
I infect minds and body like epilepsy; ill give you a fit,

Ill use fists or my words, make you scream,
Like my cock in my girl, my words agaisnt the world;
ill make you whirl, and think its more than my fingers that stink,
Ive fucked pussies like you before- little peon whom ill pee on,
You shall not take my honor.

Heres how I conquer;  like a bush trapper skinning fur,
The shit you blurbed is already a blur;
I heard you skanks sank the dick so  hard
You infected; you got herpe sores;
This is me settling the score, cutting down
A whore and a meth hobo named joe.
Who sank low cause of his skank who likes to pretend
Nobody knows shes cheating on her boyfriend,

Im the end of you, after you spewed shit that got me hit
With weapons in my sleep; your secretes I shall not keep.
I will speak  my mind and will till I break your heart
And hear you weep.