Poetic Revenge

I cant think. Everythings moving to fast.
Its been weeks since I entertained my writing geeks.
Its time to freak with a new leak;
Im at a new peak. I got a girl making my knees weak,
I speak positivly to defy my  enemies who tear at me.

Im  a fucking ass hole cause I’m the one dude
Who speaks so true people loose sleep over the shit I spit,
I infect minds and body like epilepsy; ill give you a fit,

Ill use fists or my words, make you scream,
Like my cock in my girl, my words agaisnt the world;
ill make you whirl, and think its more than my fingers that stink,
Ive fucked pussies like you before- little peon whom ill pee on,
You shall not take my honor.

Heres how I conquer;  like a bush trapper skinning fur,
The shit you blurbed is already a blur;
I heard you skanks sank the dick so  hard
You infected; you got herpe sores;
This is me settling the score, cutting down
A whore and a meth hobo named joe.
Who sank low cause of his skank who likes to pretend
Nobody knows shes cheating on her boyfriend,

Im the end of you, after you spewed shit that got me hit
With weapons in my sleep; your secretes I shall not keep.
I will speak  my mind and will till I break your heart
And hear you weep.


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