Hahahah! How euphoric the idiots make life look
They are worms squirming on life’s hook.
Drunk and stoned fucking each others bones
Complaining about the drama the next day
They all say they want to escape and regret
But fuck the same guy and get high again
On the street with feet that burn for no one.

Trekking from home to home creating lie after lie.
Its no wonder why they wish to die.
Pray to god to meet a good guy and when they do
Can’t fit the shoe to the truth of what is right
Then fight with themselves and ignorance
Blaming everyone for their own mistakes.

I’m not sorry my seed found yours I’m only sorry
You can’t let me close enough to love you and it
So just as you did I’ll say I’m not sorry as I forget you
And love another who’s so much sweeter than you.

Rotten fruit. A precious baby is to come.
Is it mine? Is it his? Is it the streets?
Where have your feet been? Mine have been here
Planted at home and in wandered a flower
Who I had to devour and her flavor is so savoir.
She is more than a girl pregnant with my kid.

You gave me sex.
She gave me her soul
You gave me flesh
She gave me her heart.


Love is blind

I found my soul mate. Love really is blind!
I can’t find a good girl. I thought i did.
She’s pregnant with my kid and I whirl.
Ready to hurl. I’m here for her but shes a whore.
Haven’t seen her in weeks. Yet this blind girl
Makes my knees weak. She’s here in the day
With me through the week. The other
Can’t keep secretes from me just begs for my money.
Honey. I’m not sorry. You’d have a lover and a daddy
If you stopped lying to me. I’m not sorry
I’m going to make myself happy!
I’m going to be with veronica!
Oh so sweet and subtle with her kisses
Sweet ignorant Blisses which makes me miss us
But its been so long since you inspired my heart
You are shit, a stale fart, you are a dart
To kill my innocents.

I’ll save the child from you and do my dues.
You can lie all you want to get me back
But I know what is true!
I’m tired of the rumor facts that add up against you.
I’ve been down this road before.
You are a liar and a whore.

You use people to make your self feel better.
While your boyfriend sits at home alone.
Crying as he leaves messages on your phone
You ignore them all until its convenient for you!
Then you cry and say I hate you! You piece of shit!
You I regret! But it’s me who’s carried us.

Well no more cause love is blind and I found my soul mate.
Well stumble through this world together
As you try to mother a child that may be mine.
I’ll see you in time! In nine months well see the truth.
If you are the truth or just a cheater.
But by then it will be to late, Briee.

Skin Deep

Come to the window that is made of snow
We melt when we see each others reflection,
Now I know why I know why snow melts,
Its a feeling best remembered as an erection
My affection is more than skin deep,
I’ll seep deep into you like an infection,
Ill keep you, please don’t give me rejection

I like your awkward deep kisses when your drunk
I hate my best friends insincere heart
I’m a little go kart.
Put put…. Put, I’m put of gas at last,
Here’s my hand please give me cash,
Id toke with you but I smoked my hash.
Please scratch my rash,

Its only skin deep, keep my affection,
Share my wound, like a baboon
With lacerations to sustain his tribe,
The tattoos on my arms are knifed scribes

Skin deep yet I’ll always keep the memories
Of enemies who are Frenemies,  that I don’t need.

Dead death

A dead dog, decayed with dreams we inbred,
I had a head, with seams to keep us fed,
The links broke and it stinks, folks,
Please pause and turn away.
I can’t show you my face today.

History makes us say yesterday was better than today
Yet we prayed for today like good saints,
And it will never measure up to the one nostalgic day,
Where we grew free and random like graffiti paint,

The spray of our display lays like a splayed heart,
Were played to the end and its just the start,
My girl beats me and I call it art!
I can’t see you, who are you, what is true.
We are not what we had!

Im glad I ate the maggots of our still birth that
We buried in the garden to grow our sweet fruit,
Dear neighbors take a taste, I am your host,
Eat my soil and taste my ghost.

Mmm yeah,
I like dead hosts.
I like my toast,
With guilt and tea,
With scum and divinity.

Yes I prayed for today like a saint with spray paint
I wrote my prayers in the the air and I said let life be fair.
But I am alone.
I am lonely and all I have is some maggots from the birth of us,
The curse of us.

Train Wrecked

Me, me, me; ME! Yeah, that feels good.
Done, done, done, DONE being misunderstood.
I need my money more than you.
Our bones are bare; see through.

I kinda sorta fucking hate you.
Who knows the real truth?
You are me and I am you
In actions and word uncouth.

Dear friend of many years,
If you can’t forgive and be humble
You’ve gone to fucking far.
I fear your words now fall as mumbles

I tune everything negative out.
Your dictatorship demands are whines!
You should be fine, tired of your shouts.
I’m doing my best and that’s no crime.

I’m not sorry I cant meet your standard,
You bastard, who doesn’t understand me,
Call me a retard, here’s my wild card,
I’ll set myself free and do it all for me,
Cause I’m so tired of this negativity.

Abuse is abuse. Stop the drugs.
Go get your head checked.
You trying to sound like a thug?
Your views on my life are train wrecked.

I wasn’t your enemy.
You pulled the brakes.

Ron Bergquist
May 5th 2015