Train Wrecked

Me, me, me; ME! Yeah, that feels good.
Done, done, done, DONE being misunderstood.
I need my money more than you.
Our bones are bare; see through.

I kinda sorta fucking hate you.
Who knows the real truth?
You are me and I am you
In actions and word uncouth.

Dear friend of many years,
If you can’t forgive and be humble
You’ve gone to fucking far.
I fear your words now fall as mumbles

I tune everything negative out.
Your dictatorship demands are whines!
You should be fine, tired of your shouts.
I’m doing my best and that’s no crime.

I’m not sorry I cant meet your standard,
You bastard, who doesn’t understand me,
Call me a retard, here’s my wild card,
I’ll set myself free and do it all for me,
Cause I’m so tired of this negativity.

Abuse is abuse. Stop the drugs.
Go get your head checked.
You trying to sound like a thug?
Your views on my life are train wrecked.

I wasn’t your enemy.
You pulled the brakes.

Ron Bergquist
May 5th 2015


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