Skin Deep

Come to the window that is made of snow
We melt when we see each others reflection,
Now I know why I know why snow melts,
Its a feeling best remembered as an erection
My affection is more than skin deep,
I’ll seep deep into you like an infection,
Ill keep you, please don’t give me rejection

I like your awkward deep kisses when your drunk
I hate my best friends insincere heart
I’m a little go kart.
Put put…. Put, I’m put of gas at last,
Here’s my hand please give me cash,
Id toke with you but I smoked my hash.
Please scratch my rash,

Its only skin deep, keep my affection,
Share my wound, like a baboon
With lacerations to sustain his tribe,
The tattoos on my arms are knifed scribes

Skin deep yet I’ll always keep the memories
Of enemies who are Frenemies,  that I don’t need.


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