Dead death

A dead dog, decayed with dreams we inbred,
I had a head, with seams to keep us fed,
The links broke and it stinks, folks,
Please pause and turn away.
I can’t show you my face today.

History makes us say yesterday was better than today
Yet we prayed for today like good saints,
And it will never measure up to the one nostalgic day,
Where we grew free and random like graffiti paint,

The spray of our display lays like a splayed heart,
Were played to the end and its just the start,
My girl beats me and I call it art!
I can’t see you, who are you, what is true.
We are not what we had!

Im glad I ate the maggots of our still birth that
We buried in the garden to grow our sweet fruit,
Dear neighbors take a taste, I am your host,
Eat my soil and taste my ghost.

Mmm yeah,
I like dead hosts.
I like my toast,
With guilt and tea,
With scum and divinity.

Yes I prayed for today like a saint with spray paint
I wrote my prayers in the the air and I said let life be fair.
But I am alone.
I am lonely and all I have is some maggots from the birth of us,
The curse of us.


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