Love is blind

I found my soul mate. Love really is blind!
I can’t find a good girl. I thought i did.
She’s pregnant with my kid and I whirl.
Ready to hurl. I’m here for her but shes a whore.
Haven’t seen her in weeks. Yet this blind girl
Makes my knees weak. She’s here in the day
With me through the week. The other
Can’t keep secretes from me just begs for my money.
Honey. I’m not sorry. You’d have a lover and a daddy
If you stopped lying to me. I’m not sorry
I’m going to make myself happy!
I’m going to be with veronica!
Oh so sweet and subtle with her kisses
Sweet ignorant Blisses which makes me miss us
But its been so long since you inspired my heart
You are shit, a stale fart, you are a dart
To kill my innocents.

I’ll save the child from you and do my dues.
You can lie all you want to get me back
But I know what is true!
I’m tired of the rumor facts that add up against you.
I’ve been down this road before.
You are a liar and a whore.

You use people to make your self feel better.
While your boyfriend sits at home alone.
Crying as he leaves messages on your phone
You ignore them all until its convenient for you!
Then you cry and say I hate you! You piece of shit!
You I regret! But it’s me who’s carried us.

Well no more cause love is blind and I found my soul mate.
Well stumble through this world together
As you try to mother a child that may be mine.
I’ll see you in time! In nine months well see the truth.
If you are the truth or just a cheater.
But by then it will be to late, Briee.


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