Hahahah! How euphoric the idiots make life look
They are worms squirming on life’s hook.
Drunk and stoned fucking each others bones
Complaining about the drama the next day
They all say they want to escape and regret
But fuck the same guy and get high again
On the street with feet that burn for no one.

Trekking from home to home creating lie after lie.
Its no wonder why they wish to die.
Pray to god to meet a good guy and when they do
Can’t fit the shoe to the truth of what is right
Then fight with themselves and ignorance
Blaming everyone for their own mistakes.

I’m not sorry my seed found yours I’m only sorry
You can’t let me close enough to love you and it
So just as you did I’ll say I’m not sorry as I forget you
And love another who’s so much sweeter than you.

Rotten fruit. A precious baby is to come.
Is it mine? Is it his? Is it the streets?
Where have your feet been? Mine have been here
Planted at home and in wandered a flower
Who I had to devour and her flavor is so savoir.
She is more than a girl pregnant with my kid.

You gave me sex.
She gave me her soul
You gave me flesh
She gave me her heart.


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