I’d date a girl with lesser looks, who’s maybe
Even not so smart in the books,
So long as she doesn’t lie cheat or steal.
I value honor and honesty, loyalty.
The simple fuckin truth.
No matter how black it is.

Its better than one being a liar.
Or a cheat. I hate both!
And it really gets me when you do
Choose one with less looks and less books
And she turns out to be a crook,
Stealing time and money and affections.

Oh this damn rejection!
It comes in so many forms.
Worms! They all squirm
To the surface like lies do
When the truth isn’t told.

I think evil things when I’m hurt
I want to hurt people as hurt people hurt people.
I try to believe I’m better than that.
But… Sometimes I have to feed the demons
To keep then at least a little tame.

Go ahead and spin your web
you spider-ous woman
You’ll only catch yourself and anger the monsters,
That will come for you and your friends


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