Trivial Paradox

One day… I woke up and I had two beautiful girlfriends.
I was single for years. And it just happened.
Two roads. Two girls. Two ways
Then one day i woke up and they were both gone.

Nothing felt the same except the emptiness that was before.
Except worse because of the memories that lingered.
The hopes of love and not just lust. The hopes of trust
Not lies that came to be to make me despise us.

Now I’ll rust in my tears for the fear I seared the flesh
Of poor veronica. She played my emotions like a harmonica.
Awkward and deliberate. Yet passionate and real
But unsure of the notes, unsure of the steps.

I added my own confusion to this equation
And now all elation is gone. The end.
The music has slowed into an ironic song
My friends are my lovers and back again.

I’m scared to love more and more
These days its to easy to make it look real,
Romance is even easier to break and harder to heal.
Purity is never served hot twice…


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