eggs and ham

Eggs and ham.
Bacon; this is no breakfast date.
Were fasting as we break with fate.

Coffee is nice, beer is better but bitter,
Will you allow me to converse and litter
Your brain with the drain of my own strife
As I try to pluck the truth from your eyes?
Rife, are lies as broken verse is to realize

What is said isn’t the matter,
Rather how our bodies buzzed
As our mouthes sold our inner selves,
Trying to make a delicious first impression,
To salvage myself from fake impressions.

I tell the truth off the top of my head,
Often whether you’re real or ready
Or not’ my realism is something people dread.
Because society said something different
About what makes us who we truly are…

I’m not sorry my nervousness stole my
Rhyme for this line and as I find time,
I wound down to frown and say:

So go figure it out, and make mistakes
Break hearts, fall in love
But fucking always be true to who you are.
And always leave room to fucking grow.


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