Flip flops

We went for a walk.
She showed up in a summer dress
Revealing her thin lanky figure.,
That barely covered her ass;
Blue jean short shorts,
Slender long legs and flip flops
On her feet. We walk but minutes
And it began to pour rain.

We walked anyway,
As we got soaked
Mud flicked up her white ankles.
An hour or more
In the pouring rain
We walk through the forest along a creek.

I shouldn’t of lit that smoke
Shouldn’t of drank those beer before we met
But I am me and though these choices
Though I regret them
I cant change them
Like I couldn’t change the weather
Or the fact that she chose to
Where flip flops.

Drips drop from our brows
As we head to dinner
That leads to nothing more.

To wake and only hear that lame old line
“I had a great time but this will go no further”
So my poems ends.


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