I have too sigh to find my lines
For this breath; you’re as fresh
As the water at the river;
You’re soft skin wet and cold
Made me quiver
As we cuddle in our undergarments .

Her names Veronica!
She’s amazing on the guitar
She writes beautiful poetry,
She senses my soul with her touch.

I love the way she searches my face
With her soft delicate hands,
Then tells me I’m Im handsome

When she’s the one with the most
Beautiful brown skin God ever blessed upon a woman.
She has my gaze stricken as she strides the water
Upstream like a mermaid: born to swim.

This ones special,
A memory made in the sun,
In a river, we mixed together,
A memory to remember forever,
Is exactly what i said to her.

She senses the heart.
She is a light in the dark.
Her spirit is soft and clean.

Even though The world has tried to
Leave its awful taint
As men used her and her
Friends called her a slut
The worst is,
“She’s just a blind girl”

She’s blind.
Yes. Yes she is.
And she never complains.
She’s always on time.
She finds her way everyday
To each needed destination.
Without hesitation

She’s bold and strong,
Head strong too.
She  knows what she wants
And fights for it.

She laughes and lives life to the fullest
Despite all her struggles.
She has a soul.
that is more beautiful than eyes can see.

Most of all.
Her senses sore, enlightening her mind,
With silly jokes and rhymes she sings;
Sometimes it’s Spanish and its no wonder
why she won’t vanish from my dreams.


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