Fish Food

“You never loved me” she said.
Maybe she’s right but I certainly tried
She never made it easy as she peddled her lies
Hiding behind my back, all her guys.

Love isn’t some fairy tale you cook up over a spoon.
Its not words spoken with liquid courage
Love is not forced with pelvic thrusts.
It is earned painstaking with patients and trust.

She wasnt a princess, hard to let go of.
More of a whore I put out of stock in my store.
I’m waiting for something true and real
Someone who actually makes me feel.

Unlike you two who are a pair of shoes
Worn out with one lace, fake embraces
Kisses and promised dues
With you two…

A joke is made with your souls meshed in lies;
Negativity, no purity or honesty, simply greasy.

Reasoning has you two worms hooked.
You’ll wriggle together and drown
Before your eaten.


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