Tooth Ache

Tonight is the last night of camp
For me.
Its 2:15 am
I cant sleep
Two hours ago
There was laugher and music in the air
The light weights passed out on couches
In front of the t.v

I woke up at 1am to pee .
Laid back in bed and it hit me
An unbearable toothache
That had my feet shooting straight
then aches came in shots like
A needle jamming my gums; it was hot;
I got up got myself some Tylenol.
Found a stiff drink.

Now here I am all alone
On this island
This rich-mans resort
At 2 am in the morning
Awaken and at last alone.

The moon is full
It shines off whisky clouds in the sky
Reflected by the ocean
That is also illuminated by lights
On the dock and water front.

A rich man’s (or womans) paradise
I share with no one
But my reader tonight.


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