Brotherly Love

Sometimes you don’t care to explain yourself.
But people be stupid
So sometimes you have to explain yourself.
Make it very clear right here
That you are you
I am me and I do as I do
As you do what you do.

When I make a choice its not up to you
To make excuses for reasons why is okay
To continue a behavior I wish to changed
Were not the same, life without personal growth
Is lame and maybe its time I tamed my demons

They have me foreseeing a dark future
If I continue to do what ive always done.
If Its time ive won and conquered them
They only being me down.

Drinking every night, I can’t count the fights
Or the cost of a DUI.
Its unbelievable, I almost lost my job.
I’m lucky to be alive!
I’ve crashed several times,
And driven blackout drunk.
I don’t remember the drive.
Who else might not be alive?

Drugs, the hard stuff,
Just rots your brain and body
It may be fun but far to costly
It also drives me to insanity,
This is no way to save money.

I smoke pack a day so that’s 300 bucks
A month right there plus a six pack a day
Is another 300, and if I smoke two joints
A day at ten bucks, that’s another 300.
900 a month for basic bad habits
That only do me harm.
Mentally, physically spiritually
Its a reality that these substances
Fuck with my life.

That’s why Im working on quitting
And so I don’t need peoples defensive stances
About certain substances, or how they do it
All the time and are perfectly fine…
That’s great. That’s you.
My choice is my choice.
I wish to challenge myself to better myself

I’m not saying ill never drink beer again
Or I won’t have a cold one after work!
I’m saying that would be awesome!
As long as it was only one. Not one plus one more
Plus more, till they are gone. I’m tired of being drunk
Everynight. I’m tired of being brain dead.
I’m even tired of the taste and smell of cigarettes,
Plus think of the health benefits.

So I’m going to do my best to be sober,
Kill off my bad habits, because I want to feel better.
I want my life successful and moving forward,
I want real confidence in my true character!
Only I can give that to me,
So no one should dare try to take it away
Don’t get in my way,

Lastly If anything,
a real friend or brother or sister or what ever
Would only ever be proud of you and your pursuits
Wishing you well and cheering you on.


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