Soaring through Serenity

Working hard for the rich man,

Celebrities and billionaires.

The day ends; the crew is spent.

Just a short boat ride from resort to resort,

where we’ll end our week laying sod.

The sun is setting behind the mountains,

As the boat picks up speed,

The wind blows hard through my hair,

As the waves rock the boat rhythmically.

I’m soon smiling from ear to ear.

The boat flies at full speed gliding on the water

Like a torpedo aiming to obliterate The hundreds of scrambling seagulls;

I’m laughing my head off, In this moment I am rejuvenated.

I don’t get enough of this. Beautiful scenery floats by,

As we jump across some rapids; A Bald Eagle takes off from a perch

Just feet above my head.

My hearts pounding’ my mind’s racing:

Smiling, my mind spilling with inspiration.

We slow and pull into dock….

I wipe moisture from my eyes …

I swear It was just the wind.


Remember who you are

You want to get somewhere yet
Sit around and complain lifes unfair
Do you think you’ll get where you want
By doing nothing but drink!
Its time to admit you’re at the brink!
Lately all your aspiring talents stink!

You’ve become bunk and sunken
Like a dead sculpin; a bottom feeder that pretends
To be something like Hopsin or Eminem.
Your lyrical wit is at its end!
Its time to quit the drinking and drugs my friend,
You need to remember who you are again!

You are a life changing man!
You’re the one who understands!
What it was like to be the child
Who grew up wild
Because of the abuse you got used too;
Your parents abandoned you
That led you into a suicidal depression
Your scars are your admission
That you were ready to die
But God planned a different mission!

You should have bled to death
Yet you still have breath left to attest
To the testimony there is more to life
Than the simplicity of atrocities
You’ve been writing about latley!

Remember who you are!
You are the man who rose to meet the bar!
You speak and people listen
Their hearts melt; their eyes glisten.
You change their lives!
you understand what its like
To carve skin with knives!
No more self deceived lies!

It ends now!
It end now!
Now go wow the world!!!
You have so much potential untapped!
Its time you again grabbed another’s hand
And freed them from death traps!
Remember who you are!!!

My friend

I lost a line when
I thought of you
I lost a verse when i tried to kiss you.
I wrote a whole poem
When I fucked you.

I lost all my words
When you took my
Heart away
I made up yesterday when
I prayed youd never stay
Or misbehave!

I lost a poem
So long …. and sewn
Together with your lips
With your wet pussy
And hips
I lost some lines after
We did those lines;
I left fractured.

As a matter of fact
I attract the lost audience
To dense to sense
I said this once before:
Bend over; be more
Be my whore
I don’t have to be alone
So I don’t love cold to the bone
Go home….

Something you forgot
Like the lines I wrote to rot.
The lines I wrote but kind of forgot.
I did not! …
Try as hard as I did the first the time
Its no crime
As you commit to my crimes
And line  the grime I
Wrote once again
You enemy

My friend.

Early in the morning

Cmon reader give me the likes,
The Psyche of strife i live through.
The due injustice of the corrupt stuff
I spew. You two are due to die and here I try
Too make flies into a pie which is a metaphore
For a lie I cannot bake; so you take my
Heart and depart into the dark with mistakes

Its not wonder were all alone
Its no wonder I miss you.
I’m  pure to the bone.
With you im through and true.
I do not like you
I never loved you.
I am a hammer you were a nailed
I banged like a screw
Addicted to the motion
I still wish for something new.

Your the ocean and I’m a notion of
Emotion that came unglued
Too blue to be hot as you
So I do as I do as I cannot
Be true to the dew of moist
Words spoken from soft
Lips early in the morning

Awkward disposition

Hello sweet brunette, nice to see you again.
I’m sorry we faded out as friends over something
So petty but were here to make amends. Try again.
My gestures laid in hand too befriend;

Do it again
Do it again
Do it again…

So do it again.

You are not meant for me
I am not meant for this crowed but I’ll
Do my best to bled into the shroud of a vile
Crowed that spewed verbal bile profound.

We are friends
We are friends my friend
My enemy; we are friends again

So do it again.
So do it again…

I like the ones who taste the possibility of a moment
So delicate and beautiful – they dare to take the chance to
Taste it. To lick it. To know it.
Savour it.
Never forget it.

These are my kind of people
These are the eternal gods that will never die
As I remiss over days gone by
How we tried and how cried as wrongs were committed
Against each other.

Its funny how life takes shape.
Will you shape a life? Or remain shapeless!
Moldable and moldy. An oldy with no glory
Or are you a testimony fighting to prove a story?

If you’ve fallen
Then try again
Then …. Try again.

Oh. You.

The clarity of the depth
of reality is perceived
Through deceptive word stances;
women’s glances
That have us men as dances:

This is the new age realism;
I am a simple temple
Or prison; which the words
Live in! I give in! Unforgiven

I planted a garden for you to wallow through
I laboured alone For you!
Here’s our fruit This is for you!

Unreasonable intentions;
Unrelenting unspoken endings,
Venting; defending 
You : you you!

You. Oh you….