Veronica Pt 2

Stanza after stanza coudnt capture
What I had to say.
The rapture I live in day after day
After each date
How can I say I love you
Without saying it
Without ruining fate?

Veronica so wise and keen
So sharp and deep and real
So passionate and youthful, 19.
You bring light to the unseen.
You bring life to death
You give challenge to the simple.
There is no yes or no
Only time
And the echoe of silence
That rhymes
With no words
That I have for no one.

Except these for you that are most relevant
Never mind my struggle to find meaning
With the past that has past
I can sense your feelings behind your broken typing
And at last I feel like this is moving all to slow
Soo you need to know that I love you.
The true you.
All of you.

You’re cuteness.
You’re innocents
Your subtle sexiness
Awkwardness and
Your difficultness.
I profess
You’re a mess
But a lovely one.

You and I are a bucket of fun
A pail filled with sand at a beach
A swim in the water at a lake or river
Skinny dipping and sipping beer
Much too strong
Like how we came onto each other.

Fast and furious with
No tomorrow promised
You were not a promiscuous challenge
But a hope of a love to be

And still are.


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