Life stagnates and stands still
I a man climbed this hill that turned into a mountain
Here, take this to cope, a little pill
Save society from the ill poisoned fountain
I’ll be counting the spills that cause doubt in
The self deceived that believe they are as free
As birds with broken wings; no voice to sing
Yet they try to find insight; try to see
What it means to sting and live like a bee.

Insects. Aren’t we all?
I hate insects that buzz with wings.
I’d be an ant.
I admire ants.
They are determined hard workers
Able to lift 10 times their own weight
All for the survival of another ant
Do it for the colony
And it when it can’t be done alone
You have 1000 others ready to help.

The water is drying up as this cesspool
Dwindles down to its last drops.
Here’s a tissue, don’t drool, pray as life stops.
Give props to those who deserve it
Do not bend over for false friends and fakes;

The little termites that have caked together
A reality based off the fragility of another; falsy
Infertile and dwindles the colony based off
Of self deception. Inception is a step
In the direction of hope to keep us strong.

But not when you’re an ant or bee or butterfly.
For we are not insects but men and women
So why play games in the dirt and air
When we stand before each other on level earth?
Please stop buzzing around me and look me in the eye;
Shall we walk towards tomorrow together?
Or repeat today and fall into a slumber?
By tomorrow, I swear, we will have not moved
But rather have gone backwards.

Life stagnates and stands still.
We’ve made a landfill where our lake
Used to be.


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