The Final Act!

I have to take a moment to change my costume
I shall join you in a minute:  prepare for the act.

You’re eyes will be glued to me, I’ll be the fantasy you presume!
It’s an act; an act, you’re a slut and I a hack;
Let’s not object to that; can we resume?
Let’s assume we’ve left no room; you are cracked.

I tried to hack your mind, only to find errors
Of the terrors; the reasons for the nightmares
You’ve given me; unsightly memories and I beg please
Please, please! Leave me alone.

Im better off cold to the bone
I’m better of alone…

Your lies will spread and i dread nothing
You’re only deceieving you; cueing bad karma.

Sound the alarm! Ah! I called your bluff.
Enough of this stuff! Let’s have sex, make it rough.
Like the ending of us.

Like the ending of all the others!
That were smothered just like you!
With new memories of people who will
One day become enemies cause
We too quickly befriend and amend clauses,
That are contracts built to expire;
Cause we’re whores selling out to our desires….

To go on with this flow this song will show you insanity
The depravity of my mind. Its time, too change costumes again;
Please prepare for the next act: I can’t exactly remember when
The nightmares started; or when the dreamed of hope began
But I can tell you since I’ve leaned to be a man
They both occur daily and nightly and lately I’m sickly
From trying to make it all make sense!

To the dense I leave suspense; hence why
You are stupid, and to non intrepid who’re not equipped
With wit enough to be tough enough too plan;
How to be a man’ in the face of a true advisory;
You’re a country mouse, non predatory,
You have no fury. That is the end of story.

I’m not sorry! I’m going for all the glory,
So I’m going to change costumes again and skin
Down the verses to hip hop-spittle
Little quick quirks I split with my lips
Uterring quips so quick when its your turn
You trip over your lips! You burn;
So I win and I grin and say;
If you ever wished to be my friend;
Youd not have bothered to play!

This is iti,  the end,
Have a nice day.

*removes costume*


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