Rhymes Vs Metaphores

My poetry stopped becoming poetry
When my words no longer were metaphors;
The door closed as a window birthed rap;
Immature rhymes; my time is to shine
In the moment, another verse without relent
All spent on drugs and booze! I hear the applause
And boose. My clause is to be real and raw
And deal what i feel and say it as fluently as a meal
Feeding your brain on the strife i sustain;

I cannot let go enough to detox
I got the booze pox. I’m the trivial Paradox
I struggle to make my fantasy a reality
But I’m truly scared of me and the possibility
I could changed peoples destinies if
I lived what I foresee and conquered the demons in me
I could be legendary
A hero you admire or your fairy God mother;
Setting you free!

We were a fantasy; you and me, too clean to be true
Id die for you and change all my forms to conform
The worm I am into a better man for a girl
Who’s unforgettable; I miss her and its regrettable
I had her ready to be edible but sneezed;
We can’t be a tease to each other; she says please
Don’t smother me yet still is secretly
At another knees!

Like I said I try to rhyme like I spit rap
I wrote crap that traps my mind and I find
It funny people have the time to to tell me
I am talented! What irony. I’m not even trying in
These verses! Everything of what is poisoning;
I spit curses! Its me versus the world!
But a girl who put me in a whirl
My world is a whirl without this girl!

I have no idea how to unfurl these feelings
As if I’m bleeding they are leaking!
I can’t even hear what I’m speaking.
I wanna talk to you but I’m geeking
And feeling you wont speak to me again.
My friend, lover or enemy I may dread;
Here’s my heart; truest purest form;
I’ll spew shit off the top of my head until I’m dead.


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