Awkward disposition

Hello sweet brunette, nice to see you again.
I’m sorry we faded out as friends over something
So petty but were here to make amends. Try again.
My gestures laid in hand too befriend;

Do it again
Do it again
Do it again…

So do it again.

You are not meant for me
I am not meant for this crowed but I’ll
Do my best to bled into the shroud of a vile
Crowed that spewed verbal bile profound.

We are friends
We are friends my friend
My enemy; we are friends again

So do it again.
So do it again…

I like the ones who taste the possibility of a moment
So delicate and beautiful – they dare to take the chance to
Taste it. To lick it. To know it.
Savour it.
Never forget it.

These are my kind of people
These are the eternal gods that will never die
As I remiss over days gone by
How we tried and how cried as wrongs were committed
Against each other.

Its funny how life takes shape.
Will you shape a life? Or remain shapeless!
Moldable and moldy. An oldy with no glory
Or are you a testimony fighting to prove a story?

If you’ve fallen
Then try again
Then …. Try again.


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