Early in the morning

Cmon reader give me the likes,
The Psyche of strife i live through.
The due injustice of the corrupt stuff
I spew. You two are due to die and here I try
Too make flies into a pie which is a metaphore
For a lie I cannot bake; so you take my
Heart and depart into the dark with mistakes

Its not wonder were all alone
Its no wonder I miss you.
I’m  pure to the bone.
With you im through and true.
I do not like you
I never loved you.
I am a hammer you were a nailed
I banged like a screw
Addicted to the motion
I still wish for something new.

Your the ocean and I’m a notion of
Emotion that came unglued
Too blue to be hot as you
So I do as I do as I cannot
Be true to the dew of moist
Words spoken from soft
Lips early in the morning


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