Soaring through Serenity

Working hard for the rich man,

Celebrities and billionaires.

The day ends; the crew is spent.

Just a short boat ride from resort to resort,

where we’ll end our week laying sod.

The sun is setting behind the mountains,

As the boat picks up speed,

The wind blows hard through my hair,

As the waves rock the boat rhythmically.

I’m soon smiling from ear to ear.

The boat flies at full speed gliding on the water

Like a torpedo aiming to obliterate The hundreds of scrambling seagulls;

I’m laughing my head off, In this moment I am rejuvenated.

I don’t get enough of this. Beautiful scenery floats by,

As we jump across some rapids; A Bald Eagle takes off from a perch

Just feet above my head.

My hearts pounding’ my mind’s racing:

Smiling, my mind spilling with inspiration.

We slow and pull into dock….

I wipe moisture from my eyes …

I swear It was just the wind.


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