Like Water

I’m as powerful as water,
im a lyrical explosion
you’re a cliff face that falters
you will feel my erosion
I will wear you down
i will remove your matter
your smile will become a frown
as you read the latter.
You’re smart, yet will play the part of a clown…
i can drown you in minutes;
Water is profound; I spill life or death,
with each breath, I can bring one to speak;
or put them to rest.
this is your test to jest with me
and see who disses thee
though know I have no verbal pee
to piddle on you.
I wanna see what you can lyrically do.
Dont diddle me, I have a fiddle, see,
im the pied piper, a contagious leper,
with a touch l can change destinies,
lyrically I will bring people to their knees
but not to worship me,
only to smile and have fun with me.
so have a drink, and see
we are here to live and give each other inspiration
this exhilaration of a verbal ignition
to say this is my mission
to be challenged;
by such unknown friends as you.

its your turn now, do what you do.

Ron Bergquist
July 24th 2015


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