Ethereal Reflection

The rhythm is different as the years pass,

symmetrical stanzas break into flowing free verse;

as metaphors are swapped out for the actual truth.

This is as real as it gets; this is my world!

When did the, ever changing evolution of self occur?

Was in in leaps and bounds; perhaps moment by moment?

As i reflect on time played backwards through written words;

I find myself pondering the of the meaning of self expression;

I have joyfully, painfully, regrettably and mournfully captured

Tattered moments, memories; more and more poured

into little personalities that are all part of a greater reality

of one wandering a wondering road of what ifs about spirituality.

Out of loss and suffering comes the birth of a new reality;

a new personality, a new individuality – a new destiny!

Or perhaps, sadly,

only haunting images of personal nightmares stand out.


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