Pour Me Some Tea

One day I said to myself, this is no longer fun.

A new version of me, this is the final evolution,

Ill pain’t by numbers and black out the sun

with  your pollution,  my obnoxious one…


Red head – wet my pallet for dead,

I don’t think it’ll feel the same this time.

we sobered up and everyone was dead.

What we did is our secrete little crime.


I forgot how to enjoy intoxication…

I forgot how to feel my deepest fears!

I hang with losers looking for inspiration’

I am a reaper, a harvester of tears.


I’ll eat up all your hopes and dreams and fears…


please invite me in and pour me some tea.





The Pinnacle of Excess

You aim to get high –

but high isn’t good enough so we

shoot to get higher – still not enough

until you slumber – wake up and wonder….

how did everything turn out this way…

Babe… don’t lean to close to me…

I… I… almost felt your skin –

you are to cute to murder and too evil too call kin


I’m looking at the holes in the walls as

I step in the piss on the floor,

I can’t believe I lived my self deluded fantasy

and forced you out the door.

please come back; be my little whore…

Welcome to reality – this is the side we do not show.

I propose, I’ll only glow in the light you know me for –

not the whore I am! Shunned and trying to make amends for all

my god-damned sins!










Able Too Cain

I am not original – pu_lease – do not pu–ll

my le – ver – oh you’re so clever to discover

what pisses me off – as if I served – y… – you up

and tee’d you off.


Curiosity has you devouring me –

ev-er – so – sllllloowwww-ly – and not kindly;

little kibbles of kids and pets; do – not sweat whats edible –

leave that to me to taste – ill eat even, the reject-able.

You are Mary – I am Joseph, here is our reject stable –

where our savoir gave birth too freedom   –

and sin – Edens children killed each other-

Cain and Abel is just another story parents tell

their kids – so they don’t kill each other  – …

unless… they are ironic – maybe parents want

kids to kill each other…

So when they die we can beg, God why???????!

Why God? WHY!

only to have Him reply – with silence –

we wonder why the world is filled with violence:

I am content to admit – I am Able to be the Cain –

I am admirably your pain, I’ll kill you

because we weren’t born the same….











Tangible Ghosts

I see them everyday – faded people, walking the fine line

between reality and my fragile imagination.

awkward passing’s, crossing paths to acknowledge each other –

or give a glance that sells damnation.

as much as I remember you –

I do not remember you – I know you,

yet I do – not – know you –

you never knew me and I’ll never know you,

while we live….

I saw him, just the other day, I swear it was him.

we passed without a word, through the glances we exchanged

we read each others pain – we both died a long time ago;

at least to each other.

Now as I reach for you – you pass through my hands.

We are dead to each other.

every flick of the wrist and nod of the head

we see right through one another:

we all love another.

the space you left, the space I left;

the rejection in our hearts will be filled by;

the affections of a real person:

I keep thinking about her, her picture seared into my brain.

I keep hoping I’ll see her one day, to confess my love –

I looked out the window of the bus and she was there! –

holding hands with another man…

reminding me – just because I’m stuck, life does not stop.

Once upon a time we had a plan…

I sometimes see people I should not see!

Sometimes they walk right beside me.

I pretend not to notice… the ice I feel tells me different.

You floated by without a glance…

as I waited with an abrasive stance….

hoping you’d come closer to me…

I’m haunted by the impressions of the past…

imprinted with their spirits – loving you was a task!

and then I realize – until you’ve touched me …

its only …. the memory that lasts…


I lost a little more of my soul.

Just enough to make me feel less whole.

I have become a hole

Life has no chocolates in my bowl…


I used to know how to care.

now I only blankly stare,

No longer try to bravely dare;

to conquer a life so unfair.


Devils came for the rest of my heart,

infused angels with deaths spark;

they took the light with the dark,

they took their time tearing me apart.

Ohhh yeahhh…

Cold and alone…

Frost bitten with love to the bone.

Tainted Tears

Behind this paper I write with pain and sorrow.

So powerful, my arms flail as my heart beats beneath my heaving chest.

I can barley breath as I try to find the words to tell another poetic story.

The ache in my stomach, the pulsating emotions driving tears to drip from my eyes;

I ‘ve realize I’ve been holding it all down,

for far to long, so here comes the exploding dawn;

Awakening me to awful feelings beyond awful feelings –

Sick or sickness – are useless words to convey what –

is an epidemic of the dead;

The dead of heart and mind – now so blind to the beauty

of what life is supposed to be…

Inside im screaming loudly – yet no one hears me!

Please someone help me! Someone help me!

I’m tired of trying to be a stone statue cause I’m living a fantasy!

I’m a mother fucking walking and talking fallacy who manufactured  his

own, dammed, self  – deluded reality – and I destroy any who stand next to me!

Without meaning too – somehow I can undue people.

I suck souls into my darkness; whole, fresh and innocent;

So here’s to those who are evil and hell bent! As am I!

I defy the odds of the mortal world  – and- I – am not God,

but If I were to judge myself, I’d say I should die!

I’m tired of all the lies… all the little bites in the night after

the lights have gone out – we find our greatest plights and light

nothing but fires of hatred and dread!!!

Behind this paper I write with pain and sorrow.

I realize I’ve been holding it all down

my arms flail as my heart beats beneath my heaving chest

here comes the exploding dawn,

the ache in my stomach, the pulsating emotions, driving tears to drip from my eyes!