Able Too Cain

I am not original – pu_lease – do not pu–ll

my le – ver – oh you’re so clever to discover

what pisses me off – as if I served – y… – you up

and tee’d you off.


Curiosity has you devouring me –

ev-er – so – sllllloowwww-ly – and not kindly;

little kibbles of kids and pets; do – not sweat whats edible –

leave that to me to taste – ill eat even, the reject-able.

You are Mary – I am Joseph, here is our reject stable –

where our savoir gave birth too freedom   –

and sin – Edens children killed each other-

Cain and Abel is just another story parents tell

their kids – so they don’t kill each other  – …

unless… they are ironic – maybe parents want

kids to kill each other…

So when they die we can beg, God why???????!

Why God? WHY!

only to have Him reply – with silence –

we wonder why the world is filled with violence:

I am content to admit – I am Able to be the Cain –

I am admirably your pain, I’ll kill you

because we weren’t born the same….












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