The Pinnacle of Excess

You aim to get high –

but high isn’t good enough so we

shoot to get higher – still not enough

until you slumber – wake up and wonder….

how did everything turn out this way…

Babe… don’t lean to close to me…

I… I… almost felt your skin –

you are to cute to murder and too evil too call kin


I’m looking at the holes in the walls as

I step in the piss on the floor,

I can’t believe I lived my self deluded fantasy

and forced you out the door.

please come back; be my little whore…

Welcome to reality – this is the side we do not show.

I propose, I’ll only glow in the light you know me for –

not the whore I am! Shunned and trying to make amends for all

my god-damned sins!











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