Acidic Poems for the Soul

Acidic poems for the soul of the tainted;

for everyone who ever poured their hearts into something

and had to watch it fade into… nothing.

the pain in my heart disallows my head to breathe

I cannot think of anything

only the everything in my mind

burning my soul, driving me insane,

my body trying to remember what its like to feel whole

i cannot say anything

nice to anyone about anything…

My words were sealed in little coffins

of technology locked away from me.


Hello new world; hello this is my face.

I lost trace of the old me in the words I used to believe in.

Ghosts of the bitter days gone by; some how seem brighter than today.

I cannot win, even when I am winning

I some how forgot

there is a future to be planning for.


I forgot how to say things with a little mystery

I’ve forgot  how to write metaphorical poety;

It doesn’t seem like much; but the death of my words;

Is the death of me.


I’ve locked away pieces of my soul like little mummies;

to be resurrected one day’ upon opening that tomb of pain

leading to the gateway of the past in which I found myself;

No one likes looking upon fresh corpses; there is no beauty in the recently dead;

Yet my graveyard is filled with recent murders,

No good person should find.


I keep looking to the past

the master pieces in which I once lost myself.

Like a child trying to climb back into the womb

I struggle to breathe oxygen

like a normal person.

Someone help me breathe.

Someone help calm this anxiety;

so one day…

I may again; write beautiful poetry.





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