Tomorrow I Shall Be King

It’s time to un-dust my old tap shoes…

it’s times to try to tap my way through….

I don’t know what ever happened….

too make me turn out darker than I …

had already been…



Trying to escape the madness of my heart;

my mind is quick, my wit is sharp;

today is a day to display a little art;

it’s gonna be okay; even though we spend days

like our birthdays alone.


So pleases sing happy birthday for me

silently; behind a screen somewhere.

I’ll be remembering you and our best days

Today is just another day;

Tomorrow I shall be a king.





Eyes In the Dark

Another night another nightmare.

Red eye, yellow eyes, rise, rise RISE

the darkness is a glow, here the hordes comes

to fell their foe.

Ethereal beings, floating

severed heads moaning yet smiling;

demons coming for the children.


Another day another battle, summoned from the tents

the cry of a death rattle; friends and family die in battle;

bodies burning alive:

Woke up, today, decided to not hide it –

its time – right now, to no longer deny it

the time I’ve boded has been spent;

Well; time to reign with no relent.


I’m a barbarian ┬áthat stands, daring those staring

in the darkness, trying to harness my energy

to come get me; come get me, come get me!

I’m ready for this test, I’ve done my best,

I’m at my best! Come get me! COME GET ME!


Swords ready, hands steady; back up’s ready;

Come to me; I’m ready for a challenging enemy

come to me and bring me my destiny; it’s time to see

where the chips fall when we stand tall;

chin to chin

who will rise and who will fall.