Welcome back my friend;

it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

sorry for my smell

as you can see;

I’ve forgotten how to entertain society

but then again’

was I ever pretty?


I sometimes clean up pretty good;

Sometimes I give a shit.


I need words,

words can bring me to my knees.

Even touching me is rarely enough;

to turn me on.


I like the ones that

kept the sexual tension so tight

a kiss could lead to

making out, throwing each other off walls:


teasing is the foundations of passion

So I whisper,


sly and erotic

here in front of everyone….

shall we escape?


I am lost

but I am somebodies;



I am a face across the ocean;

A notion of melody  in the sea of reality;


The someone who was my fantasy;

In my darkest realities;



You can be a somebody,

I’ll never know unless you wish to be;

You can be a somebody,

I’ll never know unless you wish to be;


I need words,

I like the ones that.

can bring me to my knees.










Don’t Lose Your Shit

I’m not even comfortable sitting here cause I cant

even fucking hear myself think;


I don’t need people

(But I really do)

I need space

I’ll choose you when I have too;

I fucking hate being alive;

I am not sure why the fuck I’m alive


I’m “30 year old boy with no direction

my great depression is a spiritual one”

A lack of motivation to feel anything.


I swear I had some logical thought there,

but I quit; I gave up in the face of a twit;

immaturity may think it wins in the face of logic;


I’ am pretty; pretty and kind;

Kind of sick; OK really sick.

I twist people fate, feel happy

I should be dead.

I sometimes doubt I’ll ever grow up;


don’t lose your shit;

do not lose your shit.


I’m so fucking mature!

I can’t even use words to describe words!

I thought I was talented!

This  ebb and flow has withered me down!


I’m pretty sure this is the end of who I am;

until I get so lost I choose to discover what I really am.


Once I find the motivation too live with purpose;

Until i find the reason to pour my love unto another person;

Until I feel the light in  giving light to others;

‘Til then’ I may just be dark and sad;

mad and pissed off.


I’m not happy with the way shit flows.

who knows’

flowers grow in shit;

everything good

in life

comes from the dirt.


Everything beautiful,

comes from something broken;

Everything burned to the ground;

creates the earth so  green;

We find profound.







A Day at the Park

Pray for the thunder to hit us

imagine Armageddon;


I promised I wouldn’t become this;

at least I’d have something;

to say

if I died before I had to leave you behind.


Ilike cellophane

wrap me up tight when you bury me

keep me fresh for the apocalyptic zombies;

to bite me;

I wan’t too look beautiful as I tear your throat open

with my teeth;


My love;

Im going to eat you

even though you were the spark

of my humanity;


Take me to the park.

I remember the days;

you’d  swing with me;

Swinging hard’ trying to fly over the bar’


Hold my hand as you

pray for the thunder to hit us

imagine Armageddon;

as rain pours;all around us;

if God takes our souls when he chooses

how can he condemn us.



Inspire You

I’ts not possible to be the angel;

to say anything;


If you yourself do not believe in it;


We look at each other as pieces of shit;

peon artists;

A normal person;

we’ll find a reason to point out each others flaw’s


I’m glad you’re happy; I have good days too,

Just not recently.

So please do not judge me;

Even though that is…

The whole point of you being my

Friend; thing; person next to me:


I to be the one to say the shit that I need to hear;

To be inspired, to inspire you!


To say the fucking shit you need to say

with meaning in such away

the people s who read it  believe it;

and never forget it.






In Your Skin

I never intended

morbidness to master me;

Morbid masters;

living perfect fucking disasters;

my  good

friends –

call me perverted;


A grown child


You may be right

I may also be

smarter than you.


I’m gonna get in your skin

and dance around;

cause i’m to sick and twisted to give a fuck.

if I look like a clown


I know I’ll be turnin’ someones frown

upside down

I know I’ll be turnin’ someones frown

upside down

as I turn you inside out.


I still want to lick the inside of your

stomach from the center

of your soul ;

where ever you keep that place

that is where I’m gonna stick my face;

as I turn you inside out.



finally; when I’m real


Ill be the night mare; the voice keeping you up at night;

my words echoing some familiar

resonance as I turn you inside out.



This is why

we me may or may not be friends;

it all depends on what

turns you on;






I Fear Not

sometimes I allow my self to think about you


i replay the songs that we called ours.

hours of nightmares of everything you were to me

everything you promised

and didn’t live up too

just like a child who cant chew food

you couldn’t digest me ;l

and thats fine

but you sucked the best out of me

and today I’m less

because of your carelessness.

my light to bless shines a little less

a little less;

and i have to carve you out of my chest

lest I regress to those moments

dare remember you

shed a tear?

I fear not.