Don’t Lose Your Shit

I’m not even comfortable sitting here cause I cant

even fucking hear myself think;


I don’t need people

(But I really do)

I need space

I’ll choose you when I have too;

I fucking hate being alive;

I am not sure why the fuck I’m alive


I’m “30 year old boy with no direction

my great depression is a spiritual one”

A lack of motivation to feel anything.


I swear I had some logical thought there,

but I quit; I gave up in the face of a twit;

immaturity may think it wins in the face of logic;


I’ am pretty; pretty and kind;

Kind of sick; OK really sick.

I twist people fate, feel happy

I should be dead.

I sometimes doubt I’ll ever grow up;


don’t lose your shit;

do not lose your shit.


I’m so fucking mature!

I can’t even use words to describe words!

I thought I was talented!

This  ebb and flow has withered me down!


I’m pretty sure this is the end of who I am;

until I get so lost I choose to discover what I really am.


Once I find the motivation too live with purpose;

Until i find the reason to pour my love unto another person;

Until I feel the light in  giving light to others;

‘Til then’ I may just be dark and sad;

mad and pissed off.


I’m not happy with the way shit flows.

who knows’

flowers grow in shit;

everything good

in life

comes from the dirt.


Everything beautiful,

comes from something broken;

Everything burned to the ground;

creates the earth so  green;

We find profound.








2 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Shit

    1. I never want to be alone – those are jsut the after thoughts of a lonely person not comfortable with those around him; its a matter of not being comfortable with those i am around; that is what it is…

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