Jack in the Box

I don’t even know how I became the person I am today

I fell asleep;

And something overtook me,



I’d like to describe it as passion;

A reason to live.


I guess the Doctor was right.

I’d never fit into normal society;


well years have past and though I’m bitter,

it suites my fancy.


I can live without the abuse

the unintelligible resort to when cornered.

I said something intelligible;

you write illegible


Your mental ability instills in me;

A feeling of being used.

I’m better off alone;

lost and confused.











Raw and Whole

I think it’s best if you forget that I ever was

What you thought I was;

I was a coward then;

Desperate for love and the attention

you gave to me.


I became strong and independent;

I took what you taught me and mixed it

with real life; I then plucked the rife fools

With my fists and taught them the lessons they needed

Beat them like their fathers should have.


I grew tired of the incompetent making fun of me

I refused to turn the other cheek and let them believe

they were smarter

So I used my masterful words to tear apart their minds;

Left them in the fear that I once felt.


When they had no power left

I look at them and ask

“How does it feel to feel the way you made me feel?”

How does it feel to feel nothing but fear.


I became fearsome;

the man in my nightmares;

I became the devils right hand man

to destroy lost souls;

I  joke when I say

I’m gonna eat you raw and whole.











I liked you from the start

I liked you from the start

from the bottom to the top

I like you when you were right here

I fell for you right here


I started loving you the day we

I started from the worst

I started loving you from the beer

I quit when you gave me a thirst

I stopped when I thirst for more


You kept me like a ball an chain

you began a pain in my my veins


who became a whore

the whole neighborhood

came to adore


I started from the bottom

now I am here

back at the bottom.

I liked you from the start

I fell for you right there!


Burn Everything Away

When fish can fly

I believe I will then begin to deny;

That I write blind –

like a begging man on the road:


I share no swarm with the fins that have surfed;

Shallow depth;

I’m stupid

with a cleft –


To digest


Through a hole in my face.


I loved this conversation

I want to

believe in everything you ever told me;

Yet people make

writing love;


As if

They were chopped in half;


It cripples our minds

I asked a few artists to share a line

and they said

I don;t know how

I simply said

keep talking.

I’ll write something.

so real!


Ill not re read my words till the next time I’m drunk!

Then I am sunk


I go in circles;

If I’m so fucking gone

how do I write the shit that reaches

people hearts?


How do  I pin point my enemies

like a laser in the dark?

I wanna set a spark

To burn everything away…


She Said


Burn everything away?

Erase the past?

To toss a letter or a photo into the flames;

Only makes the fire bigger.




Until Tomorrow

It’s hard to believe in more;

people and things like church;

Or should I say powers,

Like God!?


When I can’t even function

enough to get up and shower.


When I had faith I felt unstoppable;

like when it first occurred now I’m probably cursed;

life is probable: It’s gonna keep beating you down;

I’m supposed to play nice without making a frown?


People’s morals are so weak,

to lead them means to be a clown!

I’m tired of helping piss ants

I’d rather drop my pants and piss on them;


light them of fire!


Yet I’m not helping anyone

I’ve gone so bitter I don’t know how to quit;

The personalities I’ve manifested to fight this reality;

I’ve turned into something I’m not meant to be!

I fight fuckers off and yet my soul is pleading


Someone save me!


A disgrace to society; labelled and shelved

I delve into myself and wonder how I was so fucking stupid;

It’s time for bravery but its hard to be intrepid when everyone

is just as stupid!


I cannot save myself for the lack of you saving me;

We’re digging this grave together;

When we’ve given up the fight;

We shall lay here forever!


Or at least until tomorrow.








The power to change your life

could be as easy as

lucid dreaming


I’m a superhero!

Fighting all the evil,

in my life.


Buildings break into rubble

trivial people become obstacles

running away; you may stumble 


I didn’t mean any harm

I’m just trying to protect what’s mine

I’m the villain sometimes.


Take control of the nightmare;

Face it,

and fight what haunts you.


Wake up!